Finding a place to watch the Cricket World Cup in Laos was a six and a half hour mission for some volunteers. To be rewarded with such a farsical end to the tournament must have been most fustrating to them.

The game was to be watched at the Spirit House, a bar on the Meekong that had acted as the location of choice for watching all previous world cup matches. They were experiencing problems with their satellite connection and after one and a half hours of waiting for them to fix it the mission began to find an alternative place to watch the game.

The volunteers searched the streets of Vientiane, going to the most popular bars for phalang (foreigners) in hopes that one of them would be showing the game. None were. The next idea was to do the rounds of the local Indian restaurants, asking if any of them knew where the game was being shown. No success. There were rumours of the game being streamed live on the internet. A volunteer got his laptop and spent two hours tryings to set up the game to be viewed on a projector. Again, no luck.

Finally, as they reached their most desperate hour, there were rumours of the game being screened at a Sri Lankan man’s house somwhere in the city. At 2:30am, six and a half hours after the game had started, the Sri Lankan man’s house was found. How the occured I do not know. Possibly the only TV set in the whole country of Laos that was showing the World Cup cricket was found. The six Australians rejoiced and made themselves at home, uninvited. They had cricket, it made them happy.