Clubbing in Vientiane, Laos is quite different to Australia, not that I am a clubbing expert.

The most famous and notorious club in Vientiane is Don Chan, located on the third floor of the 20 plus storey, concrete, salamon-coloured eyesore, Don Chan Hotel. Don Chan Hotel sits right on the edge of the Mekong river. It’s easily the biggest building in the city area, dwarfing nearby buildings and probably blocking them from sunlight in the way Mr Burns did to Springfield in one Simpsons episode. I don’t know if Don Chan is the name of a real person, but if it is I can only imagine that he is the Monty Burns of Vientiane.

Don Chan is the most expensive club in Vientiane. It costs $3 USD to get in, which includes a free bottle of Beer Lao (640 ml). The club is made up of a food counter, outside beer garden area and dance room. The beer garden area is actually quite nice and you have a good view over the Mekong to Thailand. Not that there’s much to see at night apart from a few blinking lights. The dance room would be considered quite small by Australian standards, but they seem to be able to pack 300-400 people in. The crowd is a mix of Lao and phalang.  Dancing takes place around the table your drinks are on.

My opinion of Don Chan is that it’s not too bad a place, although one volunteer was less than impressed after returning from the men’s toilet to report his cubicle’s walls were covered with blood. Another volunteer, who’s been here a bit longer, described Don Chan by saying, “you can either have a really bad night there, or you can have the best night ever”. I guess that depends whether it’s your blood on the wall at the end of the night.