One volunteer is a sports coach to the national swimming team. She made a major breakthrough a few weeks ago by teaching the team to shower before getting into the pool. That’s reduced the amount of dirt in the pool, improving visibility.

Another volunteer works with the athletics team. Currently they are without water, as the money meant for buying water has been misplaced.

Lao’s national sports teams are probably close to the worse in the world. Recently the national soccer committee decided it would not bother entering the world cup qualification process for South Africa 2010. The reason given was that results from previous qualification attempts were very poor, so another attempt would just be a waste of money.

There is a Nigerian football team living in Laos, though I’m not entirely sure why. They don’t play any games, though may be in August. They don’t train the national team. The football pitches here are terrible. They’re dust bowls that turn to mud pits in the rain. Why anyone would want to come here to play soccer is beyond me, especially all the way from Africa.