I have not been up to anything exciting over the past week but I thought I would right down what has been happening.

My housemate has tonsillitis and can’t speak at the moment. It’s been interesting having conversations with her because she has to write everything down.

My other housemate thinks his counterpart at work is gay. The evidence is his counterpart has had 10 shirts tailor made with the exact same design but with different materials. I said that Einstein’s wardrobe was full of copies of the same style of clothing that he wore everyday, so maybe it was evidence that his counterpart was a genius. He retorted that perhaps it was evidence that Einstein was gay.

There was a volunteer dinner a few days ago where I heard a most outrageous rumour, even by Lao standards. Apparently the Chinese have agreed to build a stadium complex for the Asian Games 2009, to be held in Laos. This will probably be the biggest international even the country has ever held. Rumour has it that in exchange for building the stadium, Laos will have to accept 1 million Chinese immigrants living in the surrounding area. The population of the Vientiane is less than 1 million as far as I’m aware of, making this rumour seem incredibly absurd.

Last night’s dinner was takeaway from a Chinese dumpling shop. I am now scared to go back there after finding out from another volunteer that he saw they stored their seaweed in their bathroom. So far I do not think I have gotten sick from eating there, and as long as I don’t order the seaweed anymore things should be okay.

I will be heading to Singapore in about two weeks which should be a contrast and reprieve from living in Vientiane, Laos.

Here is a list of restaurants in Vientiane I have visited and would recommend: The Chinese Dumpling Shop, Guanzhaou Chinese Restaurant, Sticky Fingers, La Spliga, Moon the Night, PVO, Tum Zaap, Fujiwaras, JoMas, La Terasse, European Steak House, Anna Restaurant, Swedish Bakery Pizza House, Scandanavian Bakery, Korean BBQ on Soukpaluang, Centerpoint Juice station,

Here are some good bars: Don Chans, Romeos, Muzaik,

Here are places I would like to visit: Chicago Bar, Samlo Bar