Apparently a feature advertisement the Bank of Lao placed in the Vientiane Times. My highly unreliable source is seeing it posted as a comment in facebook:

Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity

Administration Unit No. 23/AD, Dec 07 2006

Notification in False Bank Guarantees

The Bank of the Lao PDR is pleased to notify the domestic and foreign general public that at the moment there are groups of naughty people who have created falsified documents in various forms and issued on behalf of the Governor of the Bank of the Lao PDR in order to deceive the people and institutions within the country and abroad with the aim to destroy the good image of the Bank of the Lao PDR as well as of the Lao Government.

Therefore, the Bank of the Lao PDR issues this notification to the general public to be aware of.

Director General of the Administration Department

Periodically the Vientiane times has an advertisement with a photo of someone and a statement saying they no longer work for the company and therefore can not be held liable for their actions.