A main road of Vientiane ripped to threads

Some of the major roads of Vientiane are undergoing significant construction work. To be more blunt, they’re tearing them to sh**.

Apparently the construction vehicles used are so heavy that they cause damage to the existing roads on their way to the construction sites. So begins the vicious circle of creation and destruction.

The road featured in this picture in one of the major roads in Vientiane and from what I’ve been told, has been under construction for over a year. The project should finish at the end of the year, with “should” being the emphasised word.

From what I’ve seen, the usual method of road construction goes like this:

1. A big claw thing comes in and rips out a big hole in the ground.
2. It starts raining, since it is the rainy season, and all construction stops.
3. The hole fills with water, making any further construction impossible.
4. The water in the whole turns green with algae. The progress of the construction becomes as stagnant as the water.