When you visit a bathroom of a classy Lao establishment you may notice a friendly chap manning the pile of hand drying towels. Keep your eye on this fellow. Do not be fooled by his seemingly harmless smile, it is a deceptive veil for his desires to touch you!

Unlike bathroom attendants in America, their Lao counterparts like to provide a more hands on experience for their patrons. When standing at a urinal you may be approached from behind and grappled by them for a shoulder massage. This may even happen while you are… mid-sentence, so to say. They creep up on you silently, so you have to keep your eye on them so you can voice your opposition to their roving hands.

Apparently this tradition comes from Thailand. The few Lao people I’ve spoken to do not like getting the massages and find it creepy to have someone touching you while you’re letting it flow.