I visited my work colleague again yesterday and her condition has improved. She’s at least conscious now, although she wasn’t speaking. I hope she doesn’t have any serious brain trauma. I asked my Lao colleague if she could remember things and communicate and he seemed to think she could. That’s probably a very good sign. I’m hoping she was just too tired and in pain to speak.

If you’re a child at the hospital they give you an plank of wood to hold up your IV drip.

The hospital is called hospital 150, because it has 150 beds. I think it probably has more than that as there are quite a few people sitting in the foyers. Apparently the hospital is used specifically for motor accident victims. My Lao colleague seemed to think it would be completely full. He told me that is use to be a very good hospital. It was opened by the Soviets, and Soviet doctors use to run it. Since the fall of communism almost all the Russian foreign aid to Lao dried up. Apparently Soviet foreign aid accounted for 80% of all assistance. With the Soviet doctors returning home, the hospital is now quite bad.

There was one man at the hospital who had the worse injuries I have ever seen on someone in real life. His face was entirely covered in either cuts or burns and he was missing half his nose. He didn’t even have his own room and had to lie on a bed near the stairwell.