My family visited me this week for four days. We managed to visit quite a number of Vientiane’s finest restaurants. They were impressed by the quality of food available for such a low price.

Le Central is a French restaurant that has a 3 course set lunch for only $6.5. It’s one of the nicest restaurants in Vientiane. I have also been there for dinner and found the menu to be good value for money. The average mains are $8 to $10. The construction taking place outside the restaurant will certainly have hurt the restaurant’s business.

Chateaux De La Cave (or something like that) is another restaurant near Nam Phu (the water fountain). You can get a set menu with steak there for only $6, even for dinner.

Just away from the water fountaine is a Crepe restaurant. I’ve tried the dessert crepes here and thought they were very nice. It’s rather pricey though, at about $3.5 to $5.5 for a dessert crepe.

Ku Lao is the nicest looking Lao restaurant I’ve been to in Vientiane. The menu is very extensive but not too expensive. It’s probably double what you would pay at the lower end Lao restaurants, but they have a free performance of musicians and dancers every night. The mains seemed to be about $3 to $5 on average.

I visited Xyaoh cafe for the first time. They have a range of western and lao food. On Sundays they are a British roast, which is $5.5 and includes a beer lao. You get Yorkshire pudding,  a load of roast vegetables and a just adequate serving of roast meat. It’s a pretty good meal and good value for money.

I am going to try and keep my restaurant bills and put up scanned images of them on this blog. This will give a better idea of the prices and food available at various restaurants in Vientiane.

There is a Lao Cultural show in Vientiane. It’s pretty good. For $7 you get a 1 hour show with about a dozen performers and a dozen different performances. Some are dances, some a songs. The costumes are quite interesting. The lonely planet guide describes the show as “professional” and I agree. At the end the audience even gets the chance to get up on stage and dance with the performers. Just another tourist thing to do in Vientiane.