I’ve returned from my Thailand holiday to Phuket and Bangkok. I’ll start this post with a brief summary of the trip.

The first half of my trip was spent visiting the Phi Phi islands off Phuket with three friends from Australia. We stayed on the island of Phi Phi Don, meters from the beach. Apart from run ins with poisonous snakes and giant scorpions, it was a really nice place to stay. Phi Phi Leh is a nearby national park where we made a day trip to. It is arguably the most beautiful beach in the world. So beautiful in fact that they made a movie there called “The Beach”.

The second half of my trip was in Bangkok watching the Socceroos play against Iraq and Thailand.  They played abyssmally against Iraq. My friends and I were really close to where the players left the stadium which gave us a great opportunity to scream abuse at the Australian team.

The game against Thailand was much better. We had to win by 3-0 to qualify. We ended winning 4-0. I’ve got some good photos of the celebrating and will post them shortly.

Bangkok is a pretty cool city. They have awesome markets and really awesome food courts. I managed to buy a whole live crab in a food court for only $16 AUD. I visited one market at bought about 10 shirts and tshirts, that’s the equivalent of 5 years clothes shopping for me.