I visited the Lao National museum a few weeks ago. It’s worth a visit and I enjoyed most of the exhibits. There are a lot of guns sitting around the place, including some American M16 rifles that were captured during the civil war. The phrase “American imperialists” is scattered throughout the museum, but not quite as much as I would have expected.

There was one exhibit that housed some small ornaments. It was secured with a very large cage that had bars so close you could barely see what was inside. Next to the exhibit was a sign saying that someone had tried to steal the artifacts here but were fortunately stopped at the border thanks to the cooperation of Lao and Thai authorities.

There are pictures of world leaders near the end of the museum, including one of Paul Keating who visited to open the Australian funded friendship bridge that links Thailand and Lao near Vientiane.

The dinosaur section of the museum is quite amusing. They have some posters stuck up that you could have bought in a museum in Australia, plus a large mural painted on the wall of some dinosaurs.

It’s worth a look if you’re in town.