A few days ago there was a plane crash on a Bangkok to Phuket flight with the Thai discount airline One-To-Go. I flew with this airline from Phuket to Bangkok a few months ago when I visited Thailand. I had some reservations about traveling with them but someone else had already booked a ticket for me. My reservations were based on wikipedia saying that their planes were old and schedule often late, and their website being really shit. The Bangkok Post has a front page picture of a woman holding up a ticket for the crashed flight that she missed because her Bangkok city tour was running late.

In other plane crash news, another Australian volunteer flew on a flight within Cambodia that crashed a few weeks later. The airline was ex-soviet  and the staff were also ex-soviet. She remembers that the flight was quite scary because shortly after take off water started leaking from the roof. Not small amounts, but rather large amounts that got the few passengers on the plane very wet. Buckets of water falling down on your during a flight is quite alarming. Least reassuring of all was how worried the air hostess looked throughout the flight.