Today I shot a gun for the first time. I visited the shoot range behind the national museum and fired off 20 rounds. It’s about 20c per bullet, and the staff help you to load the guns. There are more expensive bullets available for $1.5, $2 (9mm) and $2.5 (.35). I fired a rifle and a pistol. I was pretty impressed with my accuracy with the rifle. I managed to hit pretty close to the center of the target about 80m away.

You buy the paper targets you shoot at and they let you take them home afterwards. They’ll make a nice, though perhaps slightly threatening, wall hanging in my room.

The pistol was really loud. You had the wear ear muffs to make firing it tolerable. The rifle was suprisingly quiet. The pistol had a little bit of a kick, but not a great deal. The rifle seemed to have almost no kick.

Nearby three locals were firing some extremely loud bullets with their own guns. It made it difficult to concentrate on your shooting all the commotion they were causing.

Shooting accurately with the pistol was a lot harder than I expected while the rifle was easier than I expected. Unlike Cambodia, the Lao range doesn’t seem to let you fire AK 47 or grenade launchers. Just pistols and hunting rifles. There were only paper targets available, unlike Cambodia’s shooting ranges with their infamous reputation for letting you blow up a live cow with a grenade.

I can now add firing a gun at the Vientiane Shooting range to the list of new things I’ve done in Lao PDR. I’d recommend it to anyone that’s got a spare hour to kill around town.

Oh yeah, it’s the first time in 8 year’s I haven’t bet on the cup so I didn’t win or lose anything.