If you thought the Lao Kip exchange rate was high at about 9000 kip to 1 USD it’s nothing compared to Zimbabwe. A BBC radio report claims that five hundred thousand Zimbabwe dollar bills are left lying on the ground because they’re too worthless to even bother picking up. The reporter’s restaurant bill came to about 10 billion Zimbabwe dollars.

Here are some interesting facts about Zimbabwe’s currency from wikipedia:

  • Inflation in 2008 was 160,000%. CNN ran a news article in 2006 when inflation hit a mere 1000%
  • Money supply in March 2008 was 25 Quadrillion dollars, apparently that’s a real number
  • Current exchange rate in 1 USD to 210,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars
The World Bank and IMF may attract a lot of criticism but think is one crisis they can’t be blamed for.