I found this webpage by a 10 year old American girl who has a Lao father and a Thai mother. Her observations are quite interesting:

  • Thailand and Laos are almost the same.
  • A king rules Laos. (I’d really like to know more about the Lao Royal Family. I’ve heard some things of them dying after being sent to re-education camps but also that some relatives escaped to live in America.)
  • Half of Thailand belongs to Laos. (I heard a lot of Lao people say this)
  • During the Laos New Year people put sand in your mouth. (Is this true? I’m glad it never happened to me. I only saw people make sand Stupas/Castles during Lao New Year)
  • Most of the people in Laos are nice and some people are mean.
  • Laos is a poor country but it is beautiful. (How very true)