I’ve seen some more photos from the flooding in Vientiane today. Volunteers are putting up sandbags around the city but the water is already very close to them. Vientiane is an extremely flat city so I expect that if there is flooding, then it will effect a very large proportion of the city.

The Vientiane Times reports about the flooding here. To quote, there has been an increase in “the number of sandbags which had been distributed in the city from 400,000 to two million”. That sounds like a lot to me. The water level is expected to be  higher than the severe flooding of Vientiane in 1966, but better preventative measures has meant the flooding has not been as bad so far.

Along the river there are many restaurants, houses and offices that will be affected. I’ve seen photos of the river side restaurants already being under water. I’ve heard that some Australian volunteers have had to evacuate their houses in preparation of the levees breaking. The reports I’ve heard say they expect the river level to rise from tomorrow afternoon, then decline from August 16. If Vientiane is going to flood it will probably be happening right now.

One a brighter note, I’ve found a couple of good lao songs on Akiko’s myspace page.