I’m going to a Lao restaurant in Sydney tomorrow. It’s really only a fusion-lao restaurant, as I can see by looking at a review written in the Sydney Morning Herald. The review describes Green Papaya Salad as Taam Som, which is the Thai name – as would be obvious to anyone reading this blog. Atlantic Salmon is also on the menu, which is not very authentic for a landlocked country.

I went to a Isan Thai restaurant in Sydney a few days ago. The food was really good but I felt bad paying 35’000 kip for one basket (tip) of sticky rice (kao niaw).

I can see I’m going to annoy my dining colleagues by commenting on every dish with:

– “That’s not really authentic Lao food”.

– “That is really expensive, in Lao is would cost x”.

So yeah, generally complaining about how expensive and less tasty the food is when compared to Laos.


It’s a good restaurant but it’s not Lao food. No Kao Niaw (Sticky Rice) or Beer Lao.