October 2008

A Gallup Poll of 70 countries finds Laos as the 4th most pro-McCain country in the world.

The figures break down to 24% Obama, 25% McCain and 52% Don’t Know/Refuse, so McCain wins by 1%.

The most pro-Obama country in the world is predictably Kenya.


The Economist Intelligence Unit has given Laos a Democracy Index of 2.10, giving it a ranking of 157th out of 167 countries.

$2 billion is being invested by a Korean company to build a new city near Luang Prabang with 5-star hotels, resorts, 36-hole golf courses, financial and investment centres and a stock exchange market.

Does the new “Diamond City” sound a little too ambitious to you?

The Economist has an interesting vote going on on their website where they have polled people from around the world over who they want to win the upcoming US election. The world view is unanimously pro-Obama. There is not one red McCain state in the entire world.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough votes from Laos to get a reading but neighbouring Thailand are heavily pro-Obama at 96% to McCain’s 4%. Even Iran only give 90% to Obama.

Interestingly, if the world was a global democracy China would have almost a quarter of the votes.