I am watching the Hollywood film, Air America, on TV at the moment. I was really surprised because the movie is set in Laos. Vientiane to be specific. I’m not sure if the movie was shot in Laos, but I doubt it. There are a few street scenes, but the buildings look to high for Vientiane. There is also a scene in the airport, but I can see mountains in the background so I’m pretty sure that isn’t Vientiane.

I remember the guy running the pirate DVD store in town asking me if I wanted to buy Air America. I wasn’t sure why he was showing me that film, but not I realise it’s because it’s set in Laos.

There’s an interesting scene where Mel Gibson buys a crate full of weapons for 600 kip, the equivalent of about 6 US cents at the current exchange rate.

I’d be interested to hear if the non-English dialogue is in Lao or Thai.


A check with imdb shows the filming locations as Chiang Mai Airport and Hae Hong, Thailand.