I’ve found a pretty cool blog by a Lao coffee plantation near Pakse. It looks like a couple of falang have started a plantation and are working to export Lao coffee around the world. http://cafelao.blogspot.com/

The way I’ve seen coffee made in Laos is made by putting the coffee in a sift and pouring boiling water through it. It usually comes out very black. Even without sugar, the coffee tends to have a rather sweet flavour. Coffee is usually served by pouring the coffee over a cup generously filled with condensed milk. It’s a sickly sweet experience for the uninitiated, but sugar hit soon becomes addictive.

I think most people that have travelled to developing countries for an extensive time find out how prevalent Nestle condensed milk and their food flavouring products are.

How to ask for a coffee in Lao? “Coy (as in the carp-like fish) yak (or yark, like the name Mark) gin (rhymes with fin) cafe (pronounced with a french accent) horn (like the thing on your steering wheel)”. Altogether it means I want drink coffee hot.

In Australia you can buy Lao coffee from: http://www.obscura.net.au