Lao phone etiquette leaves much to be desired. One volunteer got the following call:

“Hi. I’m interested. How did I get your number? I got your number from Miss Pimphone from your work and I’m interested”

Wrong numbers are quite a common occurrence. It’s quite common to get someone calling you and say “Dooey! Dooey!” on the phone, a common Lao nickname that literally translates to fatty. Telling them they have the wrong number and hanging up will probably get them calling back at least twice and repeating “Dooey! Dooey!”. When you finally get it across that you aren’t their “Dooey”, even though you may be a “Dooey” – Lao people only seem to have 4 nick names, Nyai (Big), Noi (Small), Dooey (Fatty) and Skinny (I can’t remember the Lao word) – they will then start to ask you “Where are you?” and “Can I come meet you?”.