The highlight of the beach component of my trip to Thailand a visit to Maya Bay, the most beautiful beach in the entire world. See the pictures below if you don’t believe me:

In a world of 6,602,224,175 people I found it quite amazing that my three friends and I managed to have the beach all to ourselves, if only for a few minutes.

You’re surrounded by these amazing green hills that enclose the beach. The water is warm and the bluest blue you can imagine. The sand feels like it’s been washed with fabric softener and looks like it’s been whitened with bleach.

We nicknamed the boat driver who took there as “Happy” since he always seemed to have a smile on his face. I’m not that surprised given the niceties of his work environment.

They filmed the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Beach” there. The beach from “The Beach” is Maya Bay.

Hot Tip: If you’re going to visit try to take a long boat rather than a tour. Go early in the morning to try and beat the crowds. Take the 6 hour tour, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible there.