I made a trip to Vang Vieng again last weekend and engaged in two activities.

The first activity was tubing, what Vang Vieng is famous for. Tubing can be broken down in the following parts. You go to the tubing shop in town and pay them $4. The tubing shop write a number on your hand in black permanent marker – I assumed this was done to identify your drowned body. The shop gives you a large truck size inner tube tyre and drive you 3 kilometers down the road to the river by tuk tuk. You take your tube down to the river, put it in the river, try to balance yourself while sitting inside the tube and push off to float down the river. The speed and depth of the river varies between the dry and wet season. To float back to down will take 1 hr in the wet season and 3 hrs, in addition to a very sore ass due to the low river level, during the dry season.

As you float along you can admire the mountains that surround the river or choose to stop at one of the many riverside bars scattered along your journey. Each bar offers its patrons the chance to jump off big swing or flying fox into the river. Some of the swings really are big, and I was too tame to try any of them.

The other activity I did was caving. A guy at my $4 a night guest house set up a tuk tuk to drive us to the cave. When we got there we followed two local guides who proceded to take us for a 25 minute briskly paced walk inside a pitch black cave. At the end of the cave we ended up at an underground lake where we went swimming. I had no idea what was going on, but the swimming in the underground lake was a lot of fun and the inside of the cave was pretty.